Everything You Need To know About ARPDAU

June 20, 2023
revenue ARPDAU

In the dynamic and lucrative world of mobile gaming, developers and publishers are constantly seeking ways to maximize their revenue streams. One key metric that holds the power to unlock valuable insights into financial performance is ARPDAU, or Average Revenue Per Daily Active User. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about ARPDAU, its significance in the mobile gaming industry, and how it can help you optimize your game’s monetization strategies.

What is ARPDAU?

ARPDAU is used to determine the daily revenue per active user of an app, it uses revenue from in-app purchases (IAP), subscriptions, and advertisements.

ARPDAU provides a top-level picture of your app’s revenue and how it changes if you make changes, regardless of whether your app has undergone an update, you’re running a new campaign, or you’re participating in a promotional event.

Advantages Offered by ARPDAU

With the help of the statistic known as ARPDAU, app marketers and developers can see and understand every last nuance of their app’s monetization potential in real time. Imagine that your app provides its paying users with particular benefits. To encourage additional subscribers, you decide to lower the cost of your paid edition. You may determine whether a price reduction increases your paid memberships using ARPDAU.

App developers gain from using this measure because:

1. You can maximize your attempts at monetization by performing frequent analyses.

2. Your ARPDAU demonstrates that your advertising plan is clear and well-balanced.

How to figure out average revenue per daily active user It is easy to calculate ARPDAU using the following formula:

ARPDAU = Total Daily Revenue/ Total Active Daily Users

ARPDAU can be raised in two easy steps

It’s not as difficult as it sounds to increase your daily average revenue per user. Additionally, there are quick, precise, and doable measures that may be put into practise to affect your average daily user spend.

1. Using tools like offerwalls to increase ad engagement can be simple and effective: When users can engage and receive something in return, they adore it (like game currency or extra lives). You’ll have a better chance of growing your revenue stream if you show users advertisements that they’ll be tempted to interact with.

2. Your IAPs, special promotions, or offers should delight and entice: This can raise the possibility of clicks and purchases when served specifically and exclusively to certain user categories.

Key Conclusions

1. The daily revenue per active user (ARPDAU) metric is calculated using money from in-app purchases (IAPs), subscriptions, and advertisements.

2. The use of this marketing statistic has advantages and drawbacks. Revenue (in 24 hours) / users is the equation to apply to determine daily revenue per active user (24 hours)

3. The greatest strategy to raise ARPDAU is to boost user interaction with advertising like offerwalls and special offers offered in IAPs.

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