App and Web Monetization

Every website and app publisher needs to generate revenue through the traffic coming onto the platform. We help businesses to generate revenue through Advertisements. Ad Monetization sometimes is not that simple as it may seem and involves deep analysis of the Publisher Inventory to understand the platform features and limitations, existing audience, overall user experience, heat map analysis, adherence to ad policy guidelines and many more traits useful for an efficient monetization from Ads.

Having a well-planned ad monetization strategy is essential for both profitability and maintaining a positive user experience that promotes profitable user retention and growth. Personalized advertising is just one of the benefits of this monetization, as marketers can offer users relevant and valuable content that fosters engagement and loyalty to the Publisher’s app or website, resulting in a better user experience and an increase in long-term usage.

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At MoMAGIC, we strive to optimize your app and web properties by utilizing dynamic pricing and ad optimization strategies. We combine data from first, second, and third-party sources and process it through advanced algorithms to determine the ideal campaign pricing, ensuring that all parties benefit and that profit margins remain strong. Our proprietary platform, TrueReach, is an intelligent programmatic advertisement transaction system that aids in selecting and purchasing the most appropriate audience for your campaigns.

We help Publishers to build their ad monetization strategies and our expert team hand-holds the publisher to overcome their fear of cumbersome technical implementations. We help publishers identify the size, placement, and type of Advertisements that could help uplift the revenue in the best possible way.

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MoMAGIC TrueReach not only supports RTB (Real Time Bidding) but also various other advertising technologies like Header Bidding, Google Ad Manager Based deployment and simplified JS Implementations. We help provide various kinds of Ad Format support ranging from simple banner, video to instream video and interactive banner/video Ads. MoMAGIC TrueReach partners with top global ad exchanges along with direct ad sourcing solutions giving an unparalleled offerings to its publishers. With already top of the league publishers onboard, MoMAGIC is determined to provide you the best of the class solutions with a complete peace of mind. Come and experience with us.