Data Science Driven adtech company

We are a Data Science Driven tech company with dominance in South East Asia Market. Founded in Year 2011 and with presence across various 6 different countries, we use our technological prowess to deliver solutions and services to our clients which may help them stand out from the crowd.

Our AI, Marketing, and IOT experts are always striving to improvise our products and solutions to closely keep matching the evolving needs of end consumer. We cater to a variety of industries for their marketing, analytics and IoT solution development needs. Data Science (Al) remains the backbone of whatever solutions we deliver.

adtech & IOT
Internet of Things

With our in-depth knowledge and experience of AI and hardware design, we help to bring your dream device to a real life. And then make it intelligent enough to provide you insights about your user and enhance the user experience continuously.

adtech mobile marketing
Mobile Marketing

We help marketeers to reach their target audience at right place, and right time using our comprehensive adtech solutions for Audience Segmentation and Targeting accompanied with tailor made technical and creative innovations to drive audience engagement

user engagement
User Engagement

MoMAGIC helps brands to effectively understand their user traits and journeys on their web and app platforms and engage with them in an effective way so as to increase the time spent eventually leading to increased customer delight.

adtech - traffic monetization
Traffic Monetization

We help publishers to Unlock the full potential of ad revenue with our proven AI driven traffic monetization solutions.