publisher - product & services

MoMAGIC offers a variety of products and services to help our partner App and Web Publisher to acquire and grow users, understand user behavior and journey, engage users and finally monetize the products.

publisher - app & web monetization

Every website and app publisher needs to generate revenue through the traffic coming onto the platform. We help businesses to generate revenue through Advertisements. Ad Monetization sometimes is not that simple as it may seem and involves deep analysis of the Publisher Inventory to understand the platform features and limitations, existing audience, overall user experience, heat map analysis, adherence to ad policy guidelines and many more traits useful for an efficient monetization from Ads...

publisher - app & web user engagement

User engagement is a term that describes the different ways in which users interact with a mobile app or a website. By examining a range of metrics, we can gain insight into user behaviour and how they are engaging with the app or website. The ultimate goal of user engagement is to create a community of satisfied customers who are passionate about your brand and are willing to advocate for it. Achieving this requires a well-planned user engagement strategy that leverages various communication channels to improve customer satisfaction and foster strong relationships with users...

publisher - app & web analytics

With the rise of mobile and web applications, tracking web or application performance has become a critical part of any organization's digital strategy. Application Analytics helps businesses understand how their mobile and web applications are performing, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to improve user engagement, conversion rates, and revenue. In addition, application analytics can help businesses identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and measure the success of their web platforms or mobile applications...

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