Real Time Bidding For Publishers: Maximizing Revenue

June 6, 2023
real time bidding

In today’s digital advertising landscape, publishers face the constant challenge of optimizing their revenue while ensuring a seamless user experience. Real time bidding (RTB) has emerged as a game-changing technology that enables publishers to achieve both of these goals simultaneously. By embracing real-time bidding, publishers can unlock new opportunities for monetization, streamline their ad operations, and improve overall performance. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of real-time bidding for publishers, its benefits, and best practices for successful implementation.

What is Real Time Bidding?

Real-time bidding is a programmatic advertising method that allows publishers to sell their ad inventory in real-time through an automated auction process. Instead of relying on traditional ad networks or direct sales, real-time bidding enables publishers to leverage an open marketplace where advertisers bid on each impression individually. This auction-based system ensures that each ad impression is sold to the highest bidder, optimizing revenue potential.

How Does RTB Work for Publishers?

Although the RTB procedure is simple to begin, it may sound complicated. The demand-side platform (DSP), ad exchange, publishers, and advertisers are all involved in the Real Time Bidding process. Publishers can access the ad exchange with the help of the SSPs, which also upload their inventory for sale. In order to sell the impressions, your task is to join a reputable SSP.

Making ad space available through ad exchanges requires that a few fundamental conditions be satisfied. A publisher can register with an SSP right away after fulfilling the ensuing conditions.

  1. Page Views: Publishers may sign up for programmatic advertising if they have a sufficient number of page views. The SSPs have different requirements for page views.
  2. Target Audience: Although having an audience is not required, many SSPs like hiring publishers who have established a dedicated following. It might be niche- or location-based, for example. But having a sizable portion of a certain audience is advantageous.
  3. Avoid Fraudulent Content: While this is understandable, it is always preferable to have content that protects partner identities.
  4. Traffic Referrals: As a publisher, you may receive traffic from a variety of channels, such as social media, search engines, and Google. However, search engine traffic and direct referrals have greater CPMs. If you have more than 70 or 80 percent social traffic, SSPs can even reject you.

It is suggested to search for SSPs that offer:

  1. Adequate assistance and support.
  2. Ad inventories can be tracked and managed using an analytics and optimization dashboard.

Real Time Bidding Advantages for Publishers

  1. Process streamlining — The method that ad impressions were sorted and placed has altered as a result of real-time bidding. The entire trade for publishers was mechanized. The platforms structure the process by instantly determining whether the advertisement is relevant and matching it with the specified parameters.
  2. Increased flexibility and ad income — Publishers may set minimum rates for impressions in accordance with current market demands (floor prices). There is a lower chance of making a mistake with RTB because the ad impressions are closely matched with the necessary parameters. This improves the speed, flexibility, and efficiency of the overall advertising process.
  3. Optimization – You may monitor your earnings in real-time and make appropriate adjustments to boost your ad revenue. RTB gives you control, as opposed to ad networks. If you choose header bidding, you are well aware of what is happening.

The Benefits of RTB for Publishers

  1. A highly competitive bidding process that maximizes profits
  2. Exceptionally scalable — provides one-stop access to a wide range of demand sources
  3. To further enhance monetization, the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) offers useful insights.

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