smart iot platform

Smart IOT platform that delivers embedded communication modules covering universal connectivity technologies right from Low Energy Bluetooth to advance 4G CAT1 BIS and to enable any device for seamless connectivity to the Internet, acquire data and support analytics through our TrueInsights platform.

TrueWave Smart IOT platform offers flexibility of engagement at all three verticals (Module, Application and Analytics) for enterprise IOT market, which in turn helps them to build quick proof of concept and launch to the market with ready modules off the shelf.

iot ble+combo modules


IOT development with MoMAGIC’s portfolio of Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) and combo (BLE + WiFi) transceiver modules offering maximum design flexibility and performance to embedded applications. Built for performance and power optimization at the core, MoMAGIC modules come with a custom development board for faster prototyping and quick application sign off. Modules in this series come with precision discrete components and chip antenna to give optimum performance in all possible scenarios.


MoMAGIC modules for Telematics application come with high-accuracy GNSS, Bluetooth 3.0 and 2G modem enabling mobility, security and industrial applications. The onboard MCU is an ARMv7 processor with integrated memory offering wide range of features and customizations. When combined with MoMAGIC’s TrueInsight platform, the solutions can cater to Fleet management, long distance transport, adHoc transport carrier monitoring and management, resulting in immense business value to our customers.



4G LTE CAT 1 communication module for smart trackers, wearables, utility services, IoT security and industrial applications based on latest Cat1 platform from tier 1 supplier. MoMAGIC modules are capable of LTE connectivity which enables extended coverage, along with applications; such as smart trackers, IoT security, smart metering and industrial applications.


Addressing the market requirements in Wearables, MoMAGIC brings to the market audio platforms with quick time to market supporting HiFi and TWS delivering best in class Hardware + S/W platforms with mobile applications.

Our Smartwatch platform caters to ever increasing quality of User Experience with latest feature set.

iot based wearables
IPCAM System

IPCAM System On Module Platform

IPCAM System On Module (SoM) platform consists of Hardware + Software + Mobile applications and local AWS support for enterprise and consumer market. The complete solution is available through our ODM partner network

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