MoMAGIC Enters a Strategic Partnership with Qisda Group for AI SaaS Platform

December 9, 2022

New Delhi NCR, India, 11th August 2020

Press Release

MoMAGIC Enters a Strategic Partnership with Qisda Group for AI SaaS Platform, To Offer Consumer Digital Footprint and Online Monitoring of Public Opinions for Retail Industry

August 11, 2020 New Delhi NCR, India: MoMAGIC, data sciences driven Mobile Marketing and IoT solutions provider, enters a strategic partnership with Qisda Group, a Taiwanese electronic ODM/OEM/IoT solution leader, to offer the intelligent digital footprint and online monitoring of public opinions with MoMAGIC’s AI SaaS Platform, TrueInsight, designed for Digital Transformation and AIoT application.

As a part of the strategic partnership, MoMAGIC to use its AI-SaaS enabled Platform- TrueInsight, to provide advanced algorithms of ‘Intelligent POI (Point of Interest) Mapping & Intelligent Online Listening’, for the retail store chain. Thereby, enabling a critical capability to see through the very dynamic consumer footprint traffic & retail competition analysis via MoMAGIC’s unique intelligent algorithms, to process the non-sensitive and anonymous consumer movement data.

Arun Gupta, the Founder and CEO of MoMAGIC Technologies, said, “We are looking forward to this strategic partnership with Qisda Group in Taiwan as window to expand our AI Solution offerings into retail and other industry verticals. With our advanced data science capability, we also hope to expand our AI solution application, out of India and look forward to accelerating our offerings in AI business, to other Asian countries in 2021.”

MoMAGIC’s AI solution is able to support retail business and other industry sector- to figure out their consumer insight and competitor’s business status more deeply, with a breakthrough potential to estimate their business forecast reliably for manpower & inventory demand and even for new product & new service development.

Elaborating, on the Qisda partnership, Jason Wu, Chief Strategy Officer of MoMAGIC Technologies and Co-Founder of MoMAGIC Data Intelligence said, “MoMAGIC is committed to Digital Transformation solution provision with its Intelligent Platform- TrueInsight. More importantly, the AI SaaS model assists retail sector and other industry sectors to embrace AI in a very affordable and scalable way, without any technical and high-cost burning barriers.”

“We believe AI SaaS solution for Digital Transformation demand in 5G/IoT era is an uprising trend to invest. This is the reason we are determined to partner with Qisda Group, as our business development milestone in Asia”, added Jason Wu.

Michael Lee, General Manager of Qisda’s Business Solutions Group said, “We are looking forward to the strategic partnership with MoMAGIC, for AI SaaS solution applied in the retail sector and other similar industry with their AI and Data Science technologies. The cooperation can be extended from Taiwan, even to India and other Asian countries in the future”.


About MoMAGIC Technologies:

MoMAGIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2011, is a data science driven Technology Company having its presence across South East Asia.

Promoted by MediaTek (Asia’s largest IC design company) and Foxconn (the world’s largest high-tech manufacturer), MoMAGIC is counted amongst the leading Indian companies in the digital -mobile marketing and IoT space.

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About Qisda:

Established in 1984 and headquartered in Taiwan, Qisda is an electronic ODM/ OEM leader that crosses various business sectors. Qisda’s product and technology fields include high-end and professional displays, optical precision electronics, and industrial / commercial computer and peripheral equipment. In recent years, the company has accelerated the expansion to healthcare and business solutions areas, moving towards the blue ocean market by shifting to high value-added products. Qisda maintains its leading position both in global LCD monitor and projector markets. Click: to read more.

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