Enterprise data has multiplied in bulk. Extracting relevant insights from this data, however, is a challenge for businesses. Businesses require the appropriate technology to experience sustained growth.

TrueInsight is a Data Management Platform (DMP) that uses Artificial Intelligence to create useful information and insights from huge volumes of data that could sometimes look insignificant.

Between your data and wise decisions, our data-driven, intelligent solution fills the gap. Our platform equips every company to apply intelligence to transform data into profound insights, starting with marketers who want to make sense of the massive amounts of CRM, site, and app data and use it to increase audience engagement, growth, and monetization. We are specialists when it comes to helping brands connect with digital users. We assist you in converting comprehensive and real-time data into information that can be used for product development, marketing, and user growth. The entire customer lifecycle can be mapped by TrueInsight in order to predict the best possible digital behavior of the user and guarantee a fast connection with the user.

A Data Analytics Platform based on AI which converts unique data points to useful information and helps engage users. Brings efficiency in processes thereby helping businesses grow faster. Explore the power of AI with TrueInsight


TrueReach is an intelligent programmatic advertisement platform that helps businesses target and buy the best audience for their campaigns.

It provides access to brand-safe, premium programmatic inventory on a global scale, allowing businesses to connect with the right digital users. The platform also allows for targeting particular audiences and geo-locations of the user’s choice. With an innovative way to seal the deals within advertising platform, there are no one-on-one price negotiations or tiring debates between the parties because ad buying is done automatically.

Furthermore, TrueReach can be used to track the performance of campaigns and optimize them accordingly, as well as provide insights into the effectiveness of different strategies and tactics. With xx billion MoMAGIC user data, it can segment users into multiple categories based on their profile and behavior, allowing businesses to access more relevant users more efficiently.

The Intelligent Advertising system can also learn from all data inputs, including 1st party data from the CRM, 2nd party data from real-time digital campaigns, and 3rd party data from MoMAGIC and other data partners. This allows TrueReach to narrow its target range more precisely and smartly.

brand visibility


Smart IOT platform that delivers embedded communication modules covering universal connectivity technologies right from Low Energy Bluetooth to Narrow Band and SigFox to enable any device for seamless connectivity to the Internet, acquire data and support analytics through our TrueInsights platform.

TrueWave Smart IOT platform offers flexibility of engagement at all three verticals (Module, Application and Analytics) for enterprise IOT market, which in turn helps them to build quick proof of concept and launch to the market with ready modules off the shelf.


TrueNotify offers a platform that caters to the constantly expanding needs at a time when every business is shifting from recruiting new users to engaging existing customers in the application or website. Our application and web notification system provides product owners the tools they need to retain consumers, re-engage them, and assist them with personalised messages.

Our SDK’s result tracking feature makes it easier to analyse individual views and clicks for each day and notification. In its App SDK, TrueNotify proudly displays distinctive features including GIF Banner, Persistent Notification, Application Launch to Main Page, and Particular Deep Linked Page. Users can be divided based on a wide range of factors, including browser, device, city, state, operator, and network type. It’s crucial to make sure the appropriate users receive the appropriate notification. To enhance your CTR, use our extensive selection of filters to segment the user base and target a certain group of users.


The best-in-class attribution and in-app analytics are offered by AdGyde, allowing users access to all the crucial app metrics. To assist you in making wise decisions, analytics measure the effectiveness of your app.

With the assistance of AdGyde, app marketers can efficiently attribute each app install and all in-app activities to the media source. Its real-time attribution tracking and analytics solution aids advertisers, app marketers, growth hackers, and product owners in tracking attributed mobile app installs through both non-organic and organic channels with features like Custom PostBack,

In-App Events, Deep Linking, Fraud Installs Detection, Retention, Funnels, User Flow, and many more through a straightforward and simple to integrate SDK and comprehensive Dashboard. Recognize all the sources from which new users come.

By tracking and attributing it in real-time, AdGyde can identify the channel/partner or network that attracts the users. AdGyde not only tracks the installs but also evaluates the success of mobile advertising campaigns, which determine the delivery’s status and efficiency.

A better knowledge of the ad spend, user behaviour from campaigns, and an increase in campaign ROAS all could be obtained via analysis of all app analytics.