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MoMAGIC TrueReach


A Data-enabled Intelligent Programmatic Advertisement Transactions Platform

MoMAGIC TrueInsight


A Data-enabled Intelligent Programmatic Advertisement Transactions Platform

MoMAGIC TrueWave


Smart IOT platform that delivers embedded communication modules covering universal connectivity technologies...



A real-time Mobile Attribution & Analytical Tool that helps in optimizing the ad campaigns to drive the best ROAS.

MoMAGIC TrueNotify


An App and Web Notification Platform with a powerful notification engine and data analytics


MoMagic TrueNotify

When every business is moving from acquiring new users to engaging existing users in the application or website, TrueNotify provides a platform catering to the daily growing needs.

Our Application and Web notification solution provides the features for product owners to retain, re-engage and help the users with customized notifications.

Result Tracking in our SDK helps analysing the views and clicks for each day and every notification separately.

TrueNotify flaunts unique features such as GIF Banner, persistent notification, application launch to main page or Specific Deep
Linked page in its App SDK.

Segmentation of the users can be done on variety of parameters from Browser, Device, City, State,
Operator to Network Type.

Product TrueNotify

Boost user engagement

Our unique channel provides ways to reach users even when they are not using the App / Web. Users can choose when to interact with the notification and connect with your product.

Targeted Notification

Making sure that the right notification reaches the right set of users is very important. Use our vast variety of filters to segment the users and reach to the specific segment of users to increase your CTR.

Campaign Analytics

Cumulative data for receives, clicks, installs and Revenue along with Campaign specific metrices depicting the performance of each separately. Easy view for active campaigns, trending data and campaign scheduling.

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