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VI – John


VI – John is a premiere name when it comes to FMCG Industry specifically Men’s Grooming. They had a challenge in reaching to the working audience for their new range of products.


Tailor Made, Data Driven, Video Based model was created consisting of several targeting parameters including User Appography info, location, timeline, and also promotional message designed through different creatives. Using our Data Model we helped Vi John to identify working user segment.


Within 20 Days, With Tailor Made Video Data Model by MoMAGIC, we built a core customer model which drove 2M Impressions that converted into 300K Clicks with 37% uplift in Purchase intent from working professionals .






UpLift in Purchase Intent

Targeting Techniques used to Grow Success with Conversions

The Targeting techniques coupled with the Tailor Made Video Data Model conceptualised along with the campaign ensured conversion to increase the revenue for VI-John’s Product

User Attribution in terms of App Detection of what all apps he has, how many times does he uses the app, what kinds of ads he clicks & through online transaction records was created to ensure effective targeting.

With Appography, Video was Targeted to users who have News, Lifestyle, and Entertainment app in their handsets for better results. This ensured a better audience who are prospects of using these Products.

Campaign was done in tier 1 & 2 cities of India targeting the male working professionals through Mobile video promotion and get unduplicated reach. This ensured right targeting and also effective for the reach of the produc

MoMAGIC Leads to Bookings,Conversions and a Lot More Traffic

Partnering with MoMAGIC, in 20 Days, VI-John obtained 2M + Impressions that converted into 300K Clicks. 37% increase in the purchase intent was observed, which resulted in NBV increase for the VI - John’s product.

After success fultargeting of prospects, & analyzing the different user data to create a Tailor Made Video model , VI - John has been able to grow significantly using MoMAGIC as their Preferred Digital Partner

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