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MoMAGIC TrueReach

SSP and DSP Platform - 'TrueReach', offers Intelligent Programmatic Advertisement Transactions and helps in targeting and buying the best audience for your campaigns.

The platform draws on the extensive knowledge of user behavior and the AI technology that has been compiled to decide suitable audiences to target, at what time of day, and on what screen. The Ad Intelligence Platform combines audience targeting, inventory, and bidding and optimization infrastructure to take the guesswork out of the campaigns.

Understand your audience with unified insights

MoMAGIC integrated and open platform lets you bring all your audience insights together in one place. With a complete, real-time view of your audience, you can engage the people you care about most to maximize the impact of your advertising dollars.

Reach your audience, wherever they are in the moment

MoMAGIC integrated solution gives you a common buying platform so you can reach your audience globally and maximize impact across screens, channels and formats.

Measure what matters, make better decisions

The MoMAGIC Digital Marketing platform brings real-time data together across screens, channels and formats--from first impression to final conversion. Use these unified insights to refine your strategy and drive better campaign performance on the fly.

MoMAGIC TrueReach - Programmatic Platform

The platform provides access to brand-safe, premium programmatic inventory on a global scale. Connect with the right digital users with us directly and ensure your brand has the optimum reach. The programmatic media buying can be set to target particular audiences and geo-locations of your choice. With an innovative way to seal the deals within advertising platform, there are no one-on-one price negotiations and tiring debates between the parties because ad buying is done automatically.

Lookalike Model

Expand your audience by finding people similar to your existing customers. Provide information on existing customers or visitors to your website, and our AI will compare this information with profiles stored in our Ad Intelligence Platform to find users who look and behave similarly online.

App Installs

Drive app downloads with AI. MoMAGIC’s algorithms helps you identify and reach high value audiences who are more likely to download your app and can help optimize your campaign to target users more likely to make in-app purchases or signups.


A user with a phone, PC and tablet is one person, not three. Remarketing reaches to your customer on every screen owned by the user, shortening the time between initial visit and purchase. Remarketing tailor’s product recommendations and ad creative to each user’s unique Digital behaviour.

Frequency Capping

Cap the number of impressions shown to users across all screens, on either a per day or per action basis. This helps you spend more efficiently, limiting wasted impressions and preserving your customer’s goodwill.

Product Highlights

More Efficiency and Better Result

MoMAGIC has an exclusive access to the digital users with One-Stop digital media buying, including MoMAGIC exclusive O2O channel. These channels ensure we help brand reach the end users seamlessly and with better targeting options.

Tailor Made Data Model

With 2 billion MoMAGIC user data, we are able to segment the users as multiple categories by their profile and behavior. We can access high relevant users more efficiently. Furthermore, MoMAGIC Ad Intelligence system can learn from all data inputs that integrate 1st party data from the CRM, 2nd party data from real-time digital campaign and 3rd party data from MoMAGIC and other data partners, we can narrow our target range more precise and smart.

Across 250 Cities / 30K Physical Stores in Asia

Besides online channel, MoMAGIC has strong offline infrastructure for user acquisition offline. With access to 30K physical stores spread across 250 cities, our team taps the retail audience too for the brands. Also as an add on we have the option to do in stores marketing campaign across the 30K physical stores, which enhances the brand value of the organization.

MoMAGIC TrueInsight

The volume of business data has exploded. But companies face a challenge when it comes to extracting useful insights from this data. To achieve ongoing growth, businesses need the right technology.

Our Data Driven Intelligent solution bridges the gap between your data and intelligent decisions. Our technology empowers every business to use intelligence to turn data into deep insights, starting with marketers who want to make sense of the mountain of CRM, site and app data and turn it into audience engagement, growth, and monetization.

Product Highlights

360 Trueview of Your Customer

Not only know your customer from your CRM but know their completed lifestyle with MoMAGIC user data. MoMAGIC DMP has mapped the complete lifecycle of the customers to be able to predict the best of the digital behaviour ensuring instant connect with the user.

Custom Industry Data for Your Business

Having been in Industry for more than 7 Years, & serviced across all industries including E-Commerce, Automobile, Entertainment, Utility, Software etc, we have a wide range of Industry experience which makes us experts when a brand wants to reach the digital user.

Smart Decision of Your Business to Win

We help you to transfer real-time and comprehensive data into useful information that we can utilize on location strategy, optimized inventory management and distribution and product development and marketing