Market for Gaming in India gets lucrative like never before

Anshul Chopra
DGM-Digital Media Planner, MoMAGIC Tech.

After China, India stands at 2nd position in gaming app downloads. Therefore, in 2018 over 5.5B mobile games were downloaded in India which is supposed to reach by 11B by the end of the year 2022. Developed market like the US has shown a decline in gaming app install, whereas in India it is flourishing at 25% year-on-year growth. Although, in India local games developers are struggling because of the greater competition from the West and China. From the top 20 games which Indians download doesn’t have any local developer. But the things are changing, and companies are now making games not just to increase app or desktop session but earn from monetizing it via AdSense. Now, these companies are making huge money from in-gaming purchases. In my view, it’s a huge potential market for a local developer which is still untapped.

In India, android gaming app average install rate is 0.06$(USD) which is lowest among the top 5 gaming apps download countries. For ad network, this is a very competitive market and average per install rates have gone down from 0.30$(USD) in 2018 to 0.6$(USD) in Jan 2019. In India, the games which get the highest rates are from the genre like Casino, Card & Dice, and Strategy. Each game category got its audience type and one should not generic them as mobile gamers while budgeting for the campaign. To give you iOS gaming install rates perspective too, the average iOS installs rates are 125% more than android rates in India. The main reason why iOS rates are being so high is that the iOS audience has a less click-to-install rate, which makes hard to tap and engage them.

Mobile gaming has come a long way, in 2008 mobile gaming was considered to be an add-on given by network through VAS services. But the launch of Android and iOS have changed the total scenario. Now users can play the same game which they use to play on a console or on desktop. The best thing which works in mobile gaming favour is to play it anytime and anywhere. Also, high graphics games like Call of Duty, PubG, GTA, BattleField are taking mobile gaming graphics to the next level.

Feature phone gaming market is also very lucrative on which most of the gaming companies are not focusing right now. In India, there are over 400 MN feature phone users who don’t have much to do on the phone. Since 2003-08, we have seen success of the feature phone games and I see a big potential here for gaming publishers too.

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