Learning the Hard Way – The Failure teaches you a lot!

Rohit Sardana
Co-Founder; IncubateIND

Everyone fails; no one has become great in his or her first attempt. Ask any entrepreneur and he will tell you his side of story. The problem is that we look at successes and tend to overlook the journey that comprises of many ups and downs.

The reality however is that Failure isn’t the defeat, the defeat is accepting the fact that you cant do it again.

Trust me, failures teach a lot that perhaps success cannot do. In my case, I can definitely vouch that failures are the best teachers.

It just happened to me and I thought of sharing it with people what did I learn from my mistakes:-

You quit your high paying job that your heart didn’t wanted to do and start following your passion and your dreams of making it big. The journey perhaps always doesn’t follow the path that you wanted it to follow. And You Fail. But wait, it isnt the end of the world. In my case I learnt to survive somehow, learnt to hang in there and it was fun. When I did it second time around, I knew the things I wont be doing and avoiding the mistakes I made when I started for the first time. I started believing in “Picture abhi baaqi hai mere dost”.

The tough time doesn’t last, tough people do – The tough times gave me perspective of what was important in my life. I started prioritsing and it helped me redefine the expenses.

You start to value things which werent valuable in the good times. It helps you stay grounded.

I made me lot more empathitic – I started empathising with lot of young entreprenuers, founders. It made me respect them and it brought a sense of journey they must have taken or are walking on in order to fulfill their dreams. The world suddenly became the family.

I began respecting what I had and not what I wanted.

It forces you to think out of box and revisit your approach

You understand who your true friends and supporters are. Failure is like friendship filter, when you are successful you will have lot of friends, while you are going through tough times, the same friends are the people whom you once knew.

You start managing your emotional side in a better manner

You start believing that DEPRESSION can be beaten and you kick it out of your system with some style.

I was always an aethist, however failure made sure that I started believing in the supreme power. I started to discover myself spiritually and that helped me overcome the phase.

The best learning that you get is “Money is not everything”, the sense of accomplishment is perhaps much better motivation.

You start to live in reality, you understand that not everyone can create Unicorns. You define the goals and journey and the path and it helps you because I bet you, in the first attempt everyone always wanted to become richer and famous.

It helps you inculcate the habit of reading, you look at inspiration from others. There were stories that were much horrible then yours and you find solace in them.

Planning becomes your intrinsic  part of the system

You stop putting your troubles under the carpet, you infact start taking them headon. The bigger problems are dealt first and that helps you clear and channelise your energies for the rest of journey.

I thought because I had worked for almost 15 years and was experienced, success is guaranteed. The failure tells you and makes you understand that Good Things don’t come Overnight and that you need to slog for it. The hard work is the only thing that can save you. Nothing else matters.

The mission becomes the journey – Everytime you fail, you become more passionate about the mission. The failure teaches you that its not the end of road and you pick yourself again to try again but with experience and knowledge this time.

You collaborate with likeminded people; the journey in the process becomes little easier. You form the core team and then start again. It helps to have people around you in your professional journey, to discuss ideas and to have shoulder to cry one, once in a while.

You realize your mistakes and it helps you realize your bad habits that were the reasons of your failure in the first go.

Now tell me honestly, would easy success be able to teach you these many things. I bet you, it wont.

And like John Cena says – NEVER GIVE UP

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