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Anshul Chopra
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In India, the number of smartphones is rising and 4G connectivity has brought both the tier 3 and rural areas closer. After China, India is having the largest smartphone users because of which over-the-top content viewing has anticipated increasing solidly. Coming to the stats of Indian internet users, 45% of people use mobile as their first preference for internet connectivity and now, laptop/ desktop comes at no. 2nd with 46% as a preferable device. With device preference, the love of Indian users for smartphone is ahead than China and South Korea where 42% and 32% respectively like mobile as internet first preference device.

Talking about the Indian Sports OOT landscape, HotStar is the clear winner which captures more than 40% of the OTT market. In OTT, there are other players too such as Amazon Prime, SonyLiv, JioTv, Zee5, Airtel TV, Netflix, etc. but, HotStar is India’s most preferred OTT when it comes to sports.

Why HotStar a Clean Winner in Sports OTT?

In simpler words, Star got big pockets, they bought 5 years IPL digital and TV right for whopping 2.55 Billion $ which is around almost 9 Million $ per match. Since the 2015-18, HotStar IPL viewership has increased from 40 Million to 202 Million. In India, cricket remains much popular than other sports but sports like Hockey India league, Premier badminton League, India Super League have gained attention too in recent times. Also, as 2019 world cup is approaching which will give an immense boost in user volume to HotStar, at the end.

Indian OTT content market will reach 5 billion $ by 2023. Coming to Reliance Jio, which provides low-cost mobile internet has increased smartphone’s sale and thus, boosted OTT’s consumption.

World Cup is Coming

India’s love for cricket is impeccable than any other country playing cricket. In 2019, it is estimated that over 1/3rd of the users will see the world cup on mobile devices which would give an immense opportunity to OTT providers and digital advertisers. It is estimated that the match between India and Pakistan will be having maximum viewers but because it is happening on Sunday, OTT may not get that level attraction which they might have got on weekdays.

Reliance JIO has also made a five-year partnership with Star India to showcase all Indian cricket matches to JIOTV users.

Opportunities for Advertisers

Sports personnel and sports team sponsorship have proven a great opportunity for advertisers. Chinese BBK company owns VIVO and OPPO has emerged as the main sponsor for the Indian team. They have also purchased 5 years IPL right. The marketing team of FMCG and handset manufacturer has especially saved their marketing budget to pour more during the world cup.

By 2021, it is expected that the digital ads budget will be more than the TV advertisement budget. As the type of audience segmentation and accountability which digital ads provide in TV today is not possible. Convenient and flexibility is also a reason for the digital ads that are now more liked by advertisers.

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