MoMAGIC Technologies collaborated with Qualcomm to launch new 4G enabled IoT solutions

February 15, 2023

New Delhi, India – February 15, 2023

Press Release

MoMAGIC Technologies collaborates with Qualcomm to launch new
4G enabled IoT solutions

New Delhi, India – February 15, 2023: MoMAGIC Technologies has collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to develop connected IoT solutions using the new Qualcomm® 216 LTE IoT Modem. The Qualcomm 216 LTE IoT Modem is an all-encompassing solution that offers greater computing capabilities, connectivity, and location-based technologies to enable a new generation of fast, powerful, high-performing IoT solutions.

MoMAGIC Technologies has vision to work on the rapidly evolving need of diverse IoT requirements and use cases. By working with Qualcomm Technologies, MoMAGIC has entered the 4G Cellular IoT market. This association will help MoMAGIC to expand IoT applications in smart utility meters, trackers, e-mobility, parking meters, home automation and security, and other location-based solutions, among many other verticals.

“For MoMAGIC Technologies, the Qualcomm 216 LTE IoT Modem allows us to advance IoT solutions with better connectivity. By enabling users to enhance their computing capabilities for IoT devices, MoMAGIC Technologies are now able to create solutions that can process data at a higher rate than ever before, by using the Qualcomm 216 LTE IoT Modem,” said Arun Gupta, CEO and Founder, MoMAGIC Technologies. “Expanding IoT application use allows devices that require power efficiency and have a small form factor design to process quicker using the new LTE modem.”

“We are excited to have MoMAGIC Technologies using our latest IoT modem to create smaller, long-lasting, power efficient devices and expand its range of indigenously designed cellular IoT solutions,” said Dev Singh, vice president, business development, and head of building, enterprise and industrial automation, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We offer a rich roadmap of system innovations that can be easily deployed on the existing LTE cellular infrastructure internationally, allowing our customers to explore new use cases and form factors that promote the growth and expansion of the cellular IoT ecosystem.”


MoMAGIC founded in the year 2011, is Data Science driven Tech organization with current dominance in Southeast Asia market & vision to go Global. MoMAGIC is one of the leading Indian companies in the Mobile AdTech & IoT space. MoMAGIC has been consistently innovating, investing and expanding as a ‘Global company’ with customized contextual analytics and business intelligence in the AdTech. Developing inhouse platforms for ‘Programmatic Ad Delivery Platform’ & ‘Data Management Platform’, are some vital steps in the said direction. MoMAGIC forays in to IoT space by ‘designing wireless connectivity module’. As part of this, MoMAGIC is providing solution for both short range and long range connectivity however giving total solution including hardware, firmware, application and cloud. Inhouse module design on BLE, BLE+Wi-Fi, 2G, 4G Cat-1, etc. puts MoMAGIC at global level in said domain.

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