“Data Driven Intelligence” – The next phase of reaching the end audience

Abhishek Tandon, Marketing Manager,

With the growing web of mobile/cloud technologies and advanced computation, an enormous volume of data is getting generated with every tick of a clock.

Everyone has a source of “Piles of Data” they are sitting on, but not all can churn the data to make more sense. It’s very important for Millennials to understand the cross-device dynamics of today’s users. If they continue using the conventional ways without making informed decisions based on data, it will be very difficult for them to actually connect with their “FUTURE CONSUMERS”.

You need an intelligent “Data Driven Mechanism” to process these billions of data points quickly, detect behavioural patterns and even predict future consumption.

This “Data Driven Mechanism” needs to collaborate certain aspect:

Data Collection is critical to understanding consumers

Since more than 50% of internet users own 2 or more devices, it becomes very important to channelize both the devises to capture data, make data points, create different behavioural summary based on the usage patterns and then provide a holistic view about the user data journey.

Consolidating the data collected to formulate predictive strategy

Captured data through different sources need to be masked into one funnel to know the 360-degree view of the user profile. Based on this view organizations can predict how will one consumer respond more to one campaign and other will respond to some other campaign.

Localization & Personalization ensure higher conversions

Richness of data needs to be driven to a degree where we are able to identify the exact location/demographics/style/financial health of the different set of users and then drive personalised targeted marketing campaign to ensure greater success on ROI.

One stop solution ensuring real time optimization

Dependence on different solutions to process different set of data, concerns ambiguity and leakages in ROI. A Robust one stop solution is the need of the hour which can auto adjust in terms of personalization and optimize the data technology to ensures successful targeting and retargeting.

MoMAGIC can help.

MoMAGIC is driven by “Data”. We believe the best way to reach your end audience is intelligence. To get there, you’ve to have partner who can bring your audiences into view and connect your customers to your brand story in a more meaningful, engaging way. MoMAGIC is your Trusted Partner when it comes to “Digital Media”.

For many brands, connecting “Digital” data points are a daunting challenge. MoMAGIC not only bring data together but provide you with the new ways to discover and manage the customer journey. We manage all your “Media Ecosystem” through an integrated approach and drive intelligence around “Your Data”. This fuel the growth in terms of better “Sales” thus making a competitive advantage over your peers.

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