Assumptions, Data and Digital Marketers Challenge

Anshul Chopra
Senior Media Planner, MoMAGIC Tech.

“Assumption” is a strong word taken by the brands when they think of the target audience for a campaign. In India, Assumptions have been proven wrong in the past like females shop more on E-commerce website or males are the dominant gender in mobile gaming. But, data shows how wrong we can be in making assumptions. Here I want to talk about one more assumption which we have taken wrong about the rural and urban mobile internet users.

People usually think that, for sure, urban users use mobile internet more, as they are more educated, got more money/ income, do white color jobs, etc. They don’t understand that Telcom operator like JIO and handset manufacturers such as Mi have totally changed the mobile internet economy. Now, a full month internet package just costs 2$ and a 2 GB RAM smartphone can come in less than 80$ (Thanks to Chinese). According to the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), in urban and rural areas, males are dominant mobile internet users who withstand with a user base of 60% and 67%. For me, the most surprising thing is that in rural areas 1/3rd of the mobile internet users are female who, of course, could not be compared with the males, yet in a decent percentage.

It’s a good indication showing that the rural population is now active in the aspects of female education giving the same opportunities that males were getting. One more wrong assumption taken by the brands is that no one can beat urban students and first jobbers in mobile internet use. But, I will say stop taking ASSUMPTIONS and see what data speaks…! Urban users between the age group of 15 to 24 are more active mobile internet users. As the reach of the internet has penetrated much deeper in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities it has given immense opportunities to all, ranging from the smaller towns to urban areas.

As stated above that the low-price internet packages offered by JIO and other telecom operators are the main reason behind it. Now users are getting addicted to social media apps like Roposo, Tik-Tok, Vigo Video, etc, which have gained small cities users attention. Now, users are not only uploading a fun video on the apps but, they are getting earned from how much views one gets on the video. The Internet has not only made rural people social enthusiast but also helping in education so that they can compete with metro students. One more surprising thing is that the rural users of age group 15 to 24 are more active in compliance with urban users. It’s being said by Facebook in the year 2018 that now internet users growth will come from rural and Tier 3 cities of India.

Brands taking assumption could be very dangerous which could land itself in spending, where they don’t have to. Mobile DMP is helping a lot of brands in understanding its audience as well as future product development. I want to quote W.E. Deming here “in God we trust. All others bring data”.

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