MoMAGIC TrueReach


A Data-enabled Intelligent Programmatic Advertisement Transactions Platform

MoMAGIC TrueWave


Smart IOT platform that delivers embedded communication modules covering universal connectivity technologies...

MoMAGIC TrueNotify


An App and Web Notification Platform with a powerful notification engine and data analytics


Explore the world of Digitization & Monetization

MoMAGIC TrueInsight


Data Driven Intelligent solution bridges the gap between your data and intelligent decisions



A real-time Mobile Attribution & Analytical Tool that helps in optimizing the ad campaigns to drive the best ROAS.



Where every business is moving towards the digitalization, AdGyde provides the best in class attribution and in-app analytics giving the user’s insight with all the essential app metrics.

Its real-time attribution tracking and analytics solution helps the advertisers/app marketers/growth hackers/product owners in measuring the attributed mobile app installs through both Non-Organic and Organic channels with features such as Custom PostBack, In-App Events, Deep Linking, Fraud Installs Detection, Retention, Funnels, User Flow and many more through a simple and easy to integrate SDK and comprehensive Dashboard.

Along with Attributing the installs, AdGyde also measures the performance of mobile advertising campaigns which determine both the status and effectiveness of the delivery. Analysis of all the app metrics helps in having a better understanding of the ad spent, user behaviour from campaigns and increase the campaign ROAS. 

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Know every source that originates the new users. AdGyde tells which channel/partner or network drives the users, by tracking and attributing it in real-time.


Analytics measure the performance of your app to help you make informed decisions. With AdGyde, App Marketers are able to effectively attribute each app install as well as in-app events to the media source.


Whatever you invest you expect the best results and outcomes from it. The same happens in the case of Monetization. Monetization means the revenue generated after having an invested cost behind it.

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