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MoMAGIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., founded in the year 2011, is a DataScience driven mobile tech organization, with dominance in South East Asia market.

With more than 70+ data intelligence, AI & Marketing experts in Asia, MoMAGIC Technologies is one of the leading Indian companies in the IOT and Mobile AdTech solutions. Offers innovative Mobile Marketing Campaigns & MCRM (Mobile Customer Relationship Marketing).

MoMAGIC has been consistently investing in R&D and expanding as a ‘global company’ with customized contextual analytics and business intelligence consulting. Setting up the APAC R&D and Business Operation Center in Taipei, Taiwan in February2017, was a step in the said direction.

strategic investments from two technological giants MADE MOMAGIC STRONGER


MoMAGIC is a leading Intelligent
marketing company based on
data analytics technology

With Enhanced Data Mining capabilities, we have the expertise to create a custom audience segmentation to ensure the right set of audience can be targeted, instead of targeting all.

Whether an ad agency or a digital publisher, you get plenty of advantages when coming aboard and deciding to complement existing marketing strategy with our programmatic ad solution.

Programmatic media has unlocked tremendous potential in how we tell stories in paid media online. The purpose of programmatic creative is to enable data and creativity to come together to tell brand stories in a more resonant and effective way than ever before.

Every move done to bring the brand closer to the end audience, in run in a brand safe environment maintaining the integrity and value that the brand carries.

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Veteran Team

Amit Goel, COO & CoFounder, MoMAGIC Bangladesh Ltd

Jason Wu, Chief Strategy Officer, MoMAGIC Technologies

Kunal Dhir, Co-Founder at MoMAGIC holds over 13 years

Manish Chitkara, COO & CoFounder, MoMAGIC Technologies

Deepak Gupta, Chief People Officer, MoMAGIC Technologies

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