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    MoMAGIC is a leading Intelligent marketing company based on data analytics technology to help our Business Partners acquire Quality Users and drive Effective Revenue Growth. The Company has a unique 360-degree user-insight intelligent technology to understand and to predict user behaviour with 24/7 constant optimization on user acquisition and boosting business revenue.

    MoMAGIC Group, founded in 2011, with strategic investments by MediaTek (www.mediatek.com) andFoxconn(www.foxconn.com), has been consistently innovating-developing AI/Big Data Technology solutions and has the widest deployment of applications on Mobile platform ecosystem. The strong business presence in Asian Market along with Strategic tie-ups with multiple Mobile OEMs, MoMAGIC started Joint Venture companies with Leading OEMs. Other than Mobile Brands, MoMAGIC is Strategic Partner with leading Apps and Content Providers in Asian Market as well.


Custom Audience Segmentation

With Enhanced Data Mining capabilities, we have the expertise to create a custom audience segmentation to ensure the right set of audience can be targeted, instead of targeting all.

Intelligent Programmatic Platform

Whether an ad agency or a digital publisher, you get plenty of advantages when coming aboard and deciding to complement existing marketing strategy with our programmatic ad solution.

Creative Solutions

Programmatic media has unlocked tremendous potential in how we tell stories in paid media online. The purpose of programmatic creative is to enable data and creativity to come together to tell brand stories in a more resonant and effective way than ever before.

Brand Safe Environment

Every move done to bring the brand closer to the end audience, in run in a brand safe environment maintaining the integrity and value that the brand carries.

MoMAGIC Overview

Company Overview

The company has been consistently investing on R&D for improved AI/Big Data Technology solutions and offerings, with the result that the, company within 7+ years of existence has the widest deployment of Applications on Mobile platform ecosystem in Asia.

Awards & Recognition

Some Accolades from the Leading Institution speaking the Growth of MoMAGIC

Strategic Partners

We have a killer team at the helm